7 Simple Fashion Tips to Improve Figure

As a woman, you must have realized by now that being a little beautiful can help you go a long way. No matter how much beauty is derided as sexist, discriminating and countless other things, it seems that the world is never in a hurry to bend a little for a beautiful damsel with a nice figure. Even if you do not really have a great body, you can at least dress up smartly and create a visual appearance of a nice body. Here are 7 simple fashion tips to help you improve figure.

Wear a corset, inside

Although it has become fashionable to wear a corset outside these days, go with the traditional method and wear one inside – just as it was worn in the old days. Authentic corsets are designed to flatten your stomach and reduce your waistline, giving you an ample bosom, a curvy derriere and a fantastic shoulder.


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Wear a push up bra

If you are going for a date night, you can sport a push up bra and find out that your guy cannot take his eyes off you. It is a good way to lift your assets, and stay comfortable as well. Get the right bra for your size that would fit you properly, define your waist as well as lift your bust.


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Use dresses with broader necklines

Broader and plunging necklines help make your shoulder look larger, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist. If you are slim, you can wear fitted clothing with that hugs your curves.


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Wear well-padded underwear

With well-padded underwear, you can make your hips look broader than the waist and achieve the perfect hourglass shape.


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Wear skirts

Even if you are a jeans or trousers person, you can switch to skirts for a few days to see the difference. Flowing skirts that stop at the knee can create the wide-hips look, and fit tightly around the waist – thus making the waistline look significantly narrower than the upper and the lower body.


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Wear simple belts

If you have a bigger waist or belly, avoid dresses and belts that are chunky and have rich designs or patterns that attract attention to your unflattering middle.


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Use high heels or low kitten heels

Stay away from shoes with ankle straps or ballet flats that make your legs appear wider and shorter. Rather, you should go for high heels or low kitten heels that can make the legs look longer and shapelier.


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