Fashion Tips to Beat Obesity – Top 7 Ways to Look Slimmer

Being plus size might not be a crime, but the extra inches of flab surely makes you look not so flattering. Then again, diet and exercises are not always the best possible weight loss solutions – especially for people suffering from disorders such as hypothyroidism, heart disorders or genetic ailments. For such people, the best possible solution is to follow fashion advice that includes visual fat reduction. Find out about the top 7 ways to look slimmer by dressing appropriately.

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Look for pointed collars

While buying dress shirts, check whether they come with pointed collars or spread collars. Shirts with point collars are ideal, as these help take away the round appearance of your face.


Wear V-neck shirts

Shirts with V-necks make your face look taller and leaner, while crewneck shirts provide your face with a rounder appearance. Ensure that your V-neck shirts are of a darker color shade.

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Go for pinstriped clothing

Choose clothes that are pinstriped in pattern. Shirts and trousers with pinstripes or chalk patterns are very effectual in providing the body with an elongated appearance, and not round. People will not notice your round body shape, and your belly will not come into prominence.


Avoid wearing pleated pants

Pleated dress pants make the extra pounds in the hip and waist area more prominent. These bottoms make wearers seem as if they have stuffed something beneath the belt. It is best to wear slacks that come with flat fronts and can create the visual appearance of a flatter tummy and a thin waist.

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Go for dresses with small patterns

When it comes to dressing to look slimmer, visual tricks are what you need. With dresses having small patterns, people will concentrate more on the patterns or designs that are textured or very small. Their eyes will miss the small details, and the attention will move from your heavier body.

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Do not tuck your shirt in

Keeping your shirt un-tucked will ensure there is loose fabric and your belly will not stick out and come in prominence. You will not want to have the fabric fit tightly around your stomach.

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Choose to wear simple belts

Avoid wearing belts that come with glittery prints, letter buckles or other prominent designs that catch the eye. Such belts highlight the stomach, rather than take attention away from it. It is better to go for simple belts, which can be appropriate to wear with just about any type of dress.

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