Top Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Men and Women

It is well known that standard clothes are designed mainly for men and women with average body size and type. However, not everyone has the same body type and shape. The plus sized population is sizeable, and men and women with heavier body shape keep looking for outfits that can make them apparently thinner. Here are some of the top fashion tops that plus-sized men and women can go for.

Wear dark colored outfits

Black colored clothes always work for plus sized men and women, and have a slimming effect. These help make wearers look chic and slender. Other than black, even dark blue or gray clothes can do the same trick. You have to match the colors and cover the defects of your body, such as big tummy, broad hips and big arms and thighs. You can wear dark colored outfits that are slightly tight in fittings, and highlight your strength areas. It is important to choose wisely.

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Keep the shirt un-tucked

Having the shirt tucked in can only make your belly prominent, and have the fat on the waist showing as well. Not tucking the shirt in and allowing it to hang downwards will make you look slightly weird. However, it will reduce the contouring effects and not make the problem areas more prominent by clinging to them.

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Shift the attention

It can be a good idea to do something in order to shift the attention from your dress. Men can make a world of difference by wearing a pair of dazzling shoes or putting on a classic watch. Women can choose accessories such as necklaces, a great-looking purse or even using experimental make-up, which shifts focus from the problem spots.

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Maintain the right posture

You can wear the right clothing and mix and match the colors, but the lack of a good posture can make it all go waste. With a proper body posture, you can look more confident and pleasing. If you slouch continuously and curve your spine forward, you can create layers on the belly and make your body look more unflattering. It is important to stand tall and avoid slouching in order to hide your flaws a little.


Avoid excess baggage in the pocket

Avoid keeping wallets, tissue papers, headphones and other things in your pockets, which can make your upper body look bigger than usual. Keep the items in a carrier or bag, to reduce your pocket load.

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