Top 5 Fashion Tips for Non-Fashion Conscious Men

It is well known that men, just like women, want to look good as well. The fashion industry understands the male desire to appear fashionable, and there is everything from stylish belts to wallets and jeans to ensure that men can turn up prim and proper just like their female counterparts. For men who are not generally fashion conscious, it is important to stick to the basics and have an effortless style. Here are top 5 fashion tips for men who are generally clueless about fashion,

Dress up

It never hurts to dress up. Whether you are going for shopping, to a wedding or even to the church, it is important to dress up to look good. Make sure that your shirt and trousers or jeans suit each other. Your bottom should be rugged if you have put on a large Fisherman knit sweater. It can be unpleasant to pair silk pants with your Fisherman knit sweater, and you should better go for cargo pants. Match your shoes with the belt.

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Wear dark jeans

Dark jeans can make your legs look narrower, and appear toned. A pair of dark jeans can easily complement a white or other light colored shirt or upper garment.


Wear a lightweight jacket

Putting on a lightweight jacket can help you to complement your dark jeans. This type of jacket can be worn outside whether it is summer or winter, and will not really affect you. It is a good idea to take a friend along while you are going for shopping for this type of jacket. They will guide you about whether or not you are looking good.


Put on clean shoes

A pair of clean shoes is necessary if you would love to be fashionable. These have to be clean on the inside and the bottom, as well as on the sides. As a simple fashion thumb rule, it is a good idea to keep at least 5 varied shoe pairs in your rack, and not wear the same pair back to back. If necessary, clean the shoes and keep them out to be air-dried.


Wear a scarf

You can go for an understated style, by getting a scarf and draping it instead of tying the scarf around your neck. These days, scarves are fast becoming a favorite accessory. Make sure that you buy quite a few colorful scarves, so that you can enhance your casual look further.


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